Success Stories

Jen C.   (writer & blogger)

Jen C.
(writer & blogger)

Everything is in sharper focus

This program changed my business. I came to Melody feeling totally overworked! I was working four jobs and was still worried about making enough income each month. I was so distracted by all the little things, that I wasn’t focusing on the big picture. Melody helped me restrategize my time and focus so that I could finally quit my extra jobs and make my side hustle, dream job my full-time gig! I learned how to shift my daily focus toward the small steps that would add up to big results. She also taught me to protect my time and energy and invest in myself. During the program, I got organized, set up tools to capture/generate ideas, created workflows, and hired my first employee. Now, I feel like everything is in sharper focus. I’m tackling concrete goals that are aligned with my vision, have a clear plan for making enough revenue, and am on my way to being 100% self-employed within 2 months of starting the program.

Melody will use your own optimism against you (in a good way)

When I first started sessions with Melody I was overworked and unfocused. As Co-Manager of 4 employees, I found myself constantly interrupted by the day to day needs of the company and unable to find time to be proactive in creating the future I want. Instead of feeling like I was a manager in the company, I felt like my employees were managing me with their constant needs.  

Melody's approach was to listen first and completely sympathize with the problems at hand.  While I never found her preachy or judgmental, she always found a way to guide me away from venting and towards actual solutions.  She helped me to define my end goal: to limit interruptions, have more free time, be more relaxed in the day to day, and more decisive and proactive. 

By keeping the dream in focus, our dialogues helped make my sub-goals concrete and actionable.  As a manager, I was accustomed to creating goals and accountability for my employees, but I was not disciplined in creating my own metrics and deadlines so that I had urgency to make progress.  

She would often ask me "Do you think this would work?" or "Is this realistic?" And often times the session would end with Melody saying something optimistic and casually like, "Great!  So you'll have 2 more afternoons free every week just as you wanted."

While it would normally be easy to dismiss her proclamations as overly optimistic or naive, Melody was only structuring my own beliefs and hidden optimism back at me.  Obviously, when broken down into sub-goals, I couldn't object with my own logic about what was possible. I found myself excited and wanting to hold my end of the bargain for our next session. 

Within a month of working with Melody, she encouraged me to take a vacation, and I did. This challenged me to delegate tasks and to further train our employees to manage themselves while I was away.  This first leap of faith has allowed me to feel more free ever since. Since working with Melody I am able to be a better teacher, to micro-manage less, and have more time to work on high-level projects or simply enjoy.  Hauzza! 

-Jason M.   (Small Business Owner)

-Jason M.
(Small Business Owner)

-Shira G.   (Professional Organizer & Coach)

-Shira G.
(Professional Organizer & Coach)

Less work, more fun

Melody is not only bright, personable, and fun to talk to, but she has a brilliant way of asking just the right clarifying questions and offering immediate tools and solutions. I also loved the accountability our sessions gave me.

Throughout the program, I knocked out my projects with time to spare, solidified a delegation plan to lighten my load, and cleared time to spend with my family. I’m feeling lighter and super excited for this next phase in my business. I’m now prioritizing less work, and more time off for family, self care, and fun. 

Melody helped bring my path into focus

Launching a new business is a uniquely overwhelming process. I often felt like I was just spinning my wheels and exhausted without making any progress. I’m a DIY girl and pretty organized in general, but trying to figure things out myself was like pulling teeth. Working with Melody helped bring my path into focus.

After the first session, I immediately felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I had new found optimism and clarity and experienced the most productive week I had in months! I came away from each session feeling like Melody had helped me reveal something true. She helped me create an action plan in alignment with my priorities while leaving room to capture and organize all my creative ideas. Now my work flows naturally and without tension. Instead of stress, I feel energized and inspired. I wish I had come to Melody sooner!

-Maria M.   (Digital Organizer)

-Maria M.
(Digital Organizer)

-Amy Garrison   (EEG Technician & Small Business Owner)

-Amy Garrison
(EEG Technician & Small Business Owner)

stepping into a leadership position

Right before working with Melody, I became a new business owner and manager of a team. I was completely out of my comfort zone. I was fearful of becoming the kind of boss I hated working for, so I found myself always at the team's beck and call.

I was working 7-days a week, taking little time for myself, and feeling scattered and disorganized.

Melody helped me realize that my pace wasn’t sustainable and that I needed to create healthy boundaries. Each session, I became more cognizant of what was in support of my productivity and wellbeing and what wasn’t. I found myself making tweaks that turned into big shifts over time. Today, I feel like I have a much better mindset in my business. I’ve created more boundaries, take more days off, feel more comfortable being a leader in my business, and feel major clarity on where the business is heading. 


Before working with Melody, I had a really hard time staying organized at work. When coming up with goals for myself, I'd just think about them incessantly, take baby steps towards accomplishing them and then inevitably revert to my old ways. I recently took on a new big project at work and wanted Melody to help me become more decisive, efficient and organized. I didn't want my old habits to weigh me down. 

Beyond giving me very specific tools to improve my workflow, Melody was incredibly supportive and nonjudgmental when it came to my progress. Because of her, I've learned how to take advantage of my mornings, I'm far more efficient during the workday and I always use a calendar now (not sure how I didn't before). Melody also helped ease my anxiety by talking through very specific work scenarios, encouraging me to speak up more and make firm decisions. She has a way of immediately understanding pain points and coming up with multiple solutions to address them. After working with her, I feel so energized to take on my new project at work and simply be a better version of myself. 

(Podcast Host & Journalist)

(Podcast Host & Journalist)