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About Melody


I’m a Productivity Coach and Professional Organizer dedicated to helping you pursue your life’s work with radical clarity and ease.

Specifically, I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs take back control of their time with tools and techniques to boost productivity.

But why?

In today’s hyper-connected world, we’re more distracted and overworked than ever before, and our work and play is suffering. My mission is to help professionals break up with the #FOMO mentality, create laser focus, and take meaningful action towards their goals.

I’m passionately committed to this work because life is too short NOT to take the vacation, create the dream business, spend time with family, make an impact, learn to surf, or share your gift with the world.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you’ll take a moment to say hello.

With love,


My Story

It was a few defining moments that brought me to where I am today — coaching entrepreneurs and creative professionals to help them get massive clarity on their goals, overcome overwhelm, stop procrastinating, and create results in less time through productivity techniques. 

It all began in 2013 when I launched my first business: a professional organizing company that helped people simplify and organize their homes. I had just wrapped up a marketing job for Rachel Hollis, top Motivational Speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author, and her BIG gumption and entrepreneurial spirit inspired me to go after my dream of starting my own business. There was just one problem. I had no clue what I was doing. 

At first, I was giddy with excitement, creative energy, and confidence! I picked a name, designed a logo, built a website, and emailed everyone I knew within 2 weeks. I was on FIRE! As the months wore on, I realized I was working around the clock but getting nowhere in my business. I knew how to organize a space but nothing about running a successful business. I was attracting all the wrong clients, barely scraping by, and cluttering up my to-do list with a ton of time-wasters. Plus, I didn't yet understand the necessity of self-care and rest in building and maintaining your productivity muscle. Overwhelmed and anxiety stricken, I decided to close shop within a year. I felt like a failure.

This moment of “failure” was the beginning of my exploration of what separates the perpetually busy from the truly productive.

I went back to working in Marketing because it felt safe. I learned about e-commerce strategy, digital marketing, and consumer psychology, but working within a company hierarchy wasn’t aligned with my dream of starting a business of my own. To keep my creativity engaged, I would tinker with organization systems, optimize workflows, or find ways to maximize efficiency for the team.

During that time I had a side hustle with a fellow professional organizer to keep my entrepreneurial spirit alive. Juggling a full time job with a side project was a struggle, but I eventually learned how to maximize time and energy to create momentum. Over time we launched and began scaling a high-end home organizing business called Simply Spaced, LLC. We helped busy professionals and parents simplify, streamline, and style their homes, and the transformations were incredible! Soon the dream became a reality, and our business was thriving. We had a book deal, good revenue, raving clients, and a fabulous team!

Today, I blend my early experiences as a professional organizer, marketer, small business owner, and perpetual optimist to help my clients avoid the years of frustration I experienced working so dang hard for little reward.

I help people get radical clarity on their goals, overcome overwhelm, clear clutter, kick procrastination to the curb, reprioritize their schedules, and sharpen their productivity muscle so they can save time! I’ve learned through trial and error which habits and techniques help entrepreneurs take consistent action despite uncertainty and high stakes.

Most of all, I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping others create time and space for the things that are most meaningful to them so they can stop and listen to the music of their own lives. That’s why I created the Productivity & Purpose program.